Make Your Business a Customer Magnet

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Make Your Business a Customer Magnet


Customer loyalty is especially vital to a new or small business. Besides being a great revenue stream, marketing through word of mouth can increase brand awareness. Acquiring new customers for your business is essential, but it can be expensive. Having loyal customers is more cost-effective as it will bring you more profits at minimal costs. Creating customer loyalty mainly involves growing trustworthy relationships, which takes both time and effort.

As a small business owner, running a successful enterprise can be time-consuming. To create more time to focus on building customer relationships, there are some strategies you can adapt. For example, ensure that you stay organized and prioritize your tasks. With so much paperwork, it can be challenging to remain focused. To overcome this challenge, you can form an LLC for your business. Use a formation service to deal with the specifics of online Nebraska LLC formalization while circumventing lawyer expenses.

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce shares some more ways you can find and maintain loyal customers.

Building Customer Loyalty


Establish a loyalty and referral program

Customers appreciate getting treated in a special way. An affordable way to ensure your customers return is by offering them gifts and incentives. It makes them feel happy about buying from you and encourages them to keep returning. Have a referral program to appreciate customers who recommend your business or brand to a new customer. This will assist you in gaining new customers and retain your current customers through the rewards.

You can try incentivizing recurring purchases with special offers and discounts or create a customer loyalty program. Reward the most loyal customers with gifts to encourage those who are not part of the loyalty program to join. Besides showing appreciation, loyalty programs are a great way to engage better with customers, as well as collect important customer data. You can use this data to enhance the customer experience.

Examples of Rewards Programs


Point program

A point program is relatively easy. Every time a customer purchases from you, they earn points. When accumulated, these points can get converted to a reward or special offer.

Spend program

A spend program is typically based on the number of money customers spend per transaction. The higher the amount, the more the rewards.

Tiered program

A tiered rewards program has different levels of rewards depending on the spending habits of your customers. It makes every customer feel part of your business and allows them to get rewards. More transactions with your brand bring them closer to a reward in return.

Exclusive VIP program

Exclusive VIP programs provide special benefits and discounts to the members. You can have a program where customers pay a periodic fee to join and enjoy the perks. This will boost loyalty and encourage other customers to join as well.

Provide a head start on rewards

You can begin a customer loyalty program similar to the one used by restaurants or coffee shops. Customers have to purchase a specified number of products to earn a free gift. In such a case, you can offer a head start where customers get a free product first to encourage them to come back and actually buy your products.

Looking for more inspiration on getting customers through the door? Connect with the Aurora Chamber of Commerce to build your network and make inroads in the community!

This article was written by Mary Shannon.